A Bail Bondsman in Tarrant County, TX Helps Defendants Get out of Jail

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A female accountant was at home working on a client’s taxes when the police came to her door and arrested her on suspicion in the death of her ex-husband. Due to the circumstances, the judge sets a high bail that she doesn’t have the resources for, so she needs help. A bail Bondsman in Tarrant County TX helps defendants in cases like this accountant and will provide bail resources so they can get out of jail. Here are some other things to know about what the bail bondsman expects of clients.

Understanding how the Bail Bonds System Works

When the bail bonds agency comes to the aid of the female accountant, they expected a fee of 15 percent from the accountant because of the felonious nature of her alleged crime. In addition, the agency will be looking for collateral from the accountant just in case she decides to skip bail or run. The things used for collateral includes real estate property, bonds, stocks, jewelry, electronics, cars, and other items of high value. She will get the collateral back at the end of her court hearing, whether she is found innocent or guilty.

More about the Bail Bonds Process

The safest thing for the accountant and other defendants to do is to show up for all the court appearances to ensure the collateral remains safe. If she does skip bail, the collateral will be kept and probably have a lien placed on it until the woman can be found and returned to jail. If the collateral happens to belong to someone else, the woman’s name will probably be distasteful in the mouth of the other person. The bail bonds agency just wants to make sure it gets its money.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency

It is not hard to find a bail bonds agency nearby when one is needed. Ronnie D. Long has a bail bonds agency that provides services to those who need to get out of jail. If a person needs a bail Bondsman in Tarrant County TX, the agency is available. Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today for more information.

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