Filing A Case With A Divorce Lawyer In Newnan, GA

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Divorce Attorney

In Georgia, a divorce case must follow current state laws and meet all prerequisites as directed. Petitioners must provide necessary information about their spouse, their marital assets, and their children. State laws apply to how the marital assets are divided and what party gets custody. A Divorce Lawyer in Newnan GA provides insight into the law as petitioners start a case.

What Grounds are Used?

Currently, the state doesn’t require a fault-based allegation for filing for divorce. Petitioners can use irreconcilable differences if they don’t wish to assign blame against their spouse. However, petitioners have the option to use adultery, addiction, and abandonment as fault-based grounds. Petitioners who use fault-based grounds must provide evidence to support their claims.

Can Fault-Based Ground Be Used in Other Determinations?

Yes, it is possible for the court to rule against one party if the other party proves adultery in a divorce case. It is also possible for the petitioner to receive spousal support if their spouse was unfaithful. If fault-based grounds were used, the court could also rule in favor of sole child custody.

What are the Residency Requirements?

Petitioners must live in the state of Georgia for at least six months before starting a divorce case. The court requires proof of residency, such as a new state-issued driver’s license or new lease contract. It doesn’t matter what county the petitioner lived in previously just as long as they were a resident of the state.

Is a Divorce Trial Necessary in All Cases?

No, divorce trials are only necessary when the couple cannot agree on the terms of the divorce agreement. Mediation is scheduled before the couple has to face a trial in an attempt to reach a resolution. Divorce trials can take up to 2 years to settle.

In Georgia, a divorce case requires a petitioner to choose between fault-based and no-fault divorce grounds. Next, they work with their attorneys to create a fair divorce agreement. Child custody arrangements are determined according to the most suitable environment for the child. Petitioners who need more details contact a Divorce Lawyer in Newnan GA or Browse Website Domain for further details right now.

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