What Does a Bondsman in Haltom City, DO?

by | May 9, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, bail bondsmen are approached when criminal defendants need to get out of jail. The service providers offer a bail bond according to what laws were broken. For example, if the defendant is accused of a federal offense, they need a federal bail bond. A bondsman in Haltom City performs several different services to meet the needs of defendants.

Provides Several Different Types of Bail Bonds

A bail bondsman provides bail bonds for all criminal defendants. This includes state, federal, and immigration bonds. The bondsman presents the bail bonds to criminal defendants after a fee is paid. Some bondsmen won’t provide immigration bonds if the defendant is high risk.

Negotiates Bail Amount

The bondsman negotiates the bail amount with the judge. For example, if the bail is set higher than average, the bondsman explains to the judge why the amount is too much. Criminal defendants who don’t have a history of criminal convictions aren’t considered a flight risk or dangerous in all circumstances.

Take Custody of Criminal Defendants

The bondsmen take custody of criminal defendants when the court allows it. The defendant is their responsibility, and the bondsman must make sure that the defendant arrives at court as expected. The arrangements require the bondsman to bring the defendant to their home and keep them there until the court date. The bondsman must ensure that the defendant doesn’t violate the terms of their release from jail.

Locate Criminal Defendants Who Failed to Appear in Court

Some bondsmen act as bounty hunters and locate defendants who have jumped bail. They have advanced skills and know what to do to find the defendant and bring them back to the court. In some instances, the bounty hunters are allowed to return the defendants from other states. Their license defines what the bondsman is allowed to do.

In Texas, bail bondsmen provide assistance for criminal defendants who need help. The bondsman provides fast bonding services to get the defendant out of jail. The agent negotiates with the judge for a lower bail amount, too. Criminal defendants who want to discuss their requirements with a bondsman in Haltom City can call us now!

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