Do You Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

by | May 3, 2019 | Lawyers

With the number of “DIY” will kits available on the internet it is understandable that people will be confused; should they take this approach to the distribution of their assets after their death or should they hire an estate planning attorney in Anaheim? For some people, the DIY approach may be acceptable, but the majority of people should plan their estate with the guidance of a professional.

There are a few important factors to consider:

  • Assets: The rules tend to vary by state but generally speaking, all states have set a minimum asset requirement for probate purposes. If the individual has disposed of his or her assets; such things as their home, vehicles, works of art, etc. there may not be sufficient assets for probate.

However, if the individual owns a home and vehicles as well as other valuable assets, probate will be required. This is when you need to hire a skilled estate planning attorney in Anaheim, to ensure the assets are disposed of in full accordance with the wishes of the individual.

  • Children: It is understandable that when estate planning is discussed it usually focuses around the elderly. Many young people fail to realize that they too need to plan their estate; they must decide guardianship arrangements for their children to ensure they are cared for properly in the event of premature death. These issues often encompass the need to form a trust to care for the children; there may be a need to name a guardian who is tasked with looking after the children and another individual to ensure that your assets will be given to the children. The decisions that must be made have long term ramifications and must be right; an estate planning attorney in Anaheim can ensure that should it happen that you cannot care for your children, their needs will be met.

Hiring an estate planning attorney is almost a necessity for those that have a significant asset base; a well-written will is well worth the money you spend on a knowledgeable attorney.

It is extremely important that you plan for a time when you will not be here. If you are looking for a seasoned estate planning attorney in Anaheim, you are invited to arrange a discussion with The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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