Common Mistakes Often Made By Those Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Attorney

If you are of the opinion that you meet the requirements as set by Social Security to make a disability claim, don’t be surprised or disappointed if the claim is rejected. At least two thirds of all claims made for disability benefits are denied; many people who receive this notification make one of two major mistakes; they give up and don’t pursue it any further, or they make an altogether new application. Both are mistakes.

Give up the claim:

By accepting the denial of claim you are basically agreeing that you are not disabled and you are in agreement with Social Security.

For those that have been denied Social Security disability in Kansas City there is a well defined and well structured appeals process that they can take full advantage of. From all statistical evidence available, claims that go through to appeal stand a very good chance of being approved when it reaches the stage of a hearing.

If the disabled claimant has hired a good disability attorney and all the paperwork is in order, there is an excellent chance that the Administrative Law Judge will approve the application. More than sixty percent of applicants that go into the hearing with an attorney are awarded benefits.

Filing a new claim:

Many applicants feel that their initial application was flawed, hence it was denied. When they turn around and prepare a new application it is very predictable that it will not prosper either. Filing a new claim is a bad strategy, it is far better to accept the refusal and appeal it. It is also important to understand that back benefits are calculated from the date of application, if you make a new application you are losing potential benefits as the date has slipped.

It is never a good idea to give up when you are claiming for Social Security disability in Kansas City. A good attorney can work closely with you, preparing you and your support date for an appointment with a judge that will hear your case and in most cases; approve it.

If you have been denied Social Security disability in Kansas City, don’t give up and don’t start over. This is the time to contact a seasoned disability attorney. You are invited to have your case evaluated at no cost by contacting the Grundy Disability Group.

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