Preparing For A Child Custody Case

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Attorney

When parents decide to divorce, there will most likely be a concern about who would be the primary caregiver for any children they had together. If there is a disagreement about this, an attorney will be necessary to help prepare for a child custody case in a court of law.

Divorces are extremely distressing not only for the parents but also for the children involved in a custody case. It is important that they keep the child’s well-being in mind throughout the custody battle. Talking with the child about the different scenarios that may come into play will prepare them for the event in advance.

It will most likely be necessary to see a mediator before the court date is set. During a mediation session, parents discuss their wishes for the child and try to come up with an agreement regarding who the child will stay with and who would get visitation hours when waiting for the court to decide on a final solution. Usually, this agreement will stay in place if the child fares well with it. For this reason, it is important to have an attorney at the mediation session to help in selecting the desired schedule. It is important not to agree to something less than desired as this could become a permanent schedule down the road.

At the time of the custody case, the parents will be asked several questions about their parenting habits and wishes for the child. In some cases, the child would also be asked questions to help decide where they would be better off staying during their childhood years. If an agreement cannot be reached between the parents, the court will have the ultimate decision about who the child would live with as well as visitation hours.

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