Commonly Asked Questions About Metro Accidents In Upper Marlboro

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Lawyers

In Maryland, metro accidents are reviewed by the Maryland Transit Authority. The transit authority must conduct investigations at any time that these accidents happen. The transit authority must acquire a clear picture of the accident and its cause. The following are commonly asked questions about Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro.

What are the Metro Authority’s Responsibilities to Their Passengers?

The Maryland Transit Authority’s responsibilities to their passengers are to provide safe public transportation. They must follow all federal regulations including safety regulations to prevent accidents. When they are at fault for an accident, the transit authority must provide compensation to these victims and cover all medical requirements for their injuries.

What Type of Liabilities Could Be Presented by These Accidents?

The type of liabilities present in these accidents is defined by the exact cause of the accident. For example, if the railing or other exterior features caused the accident, it could reflect a premise accident. If fault parts caused the accident, the manufacturer of these parts could be at fault for a product’s liability. However, the fault of the transit authority defines whether or not additional legal action is taken.

What are Common Reasons for These Accidents?

The most common reasons for these accidents are faulty equipment, a failure to maintain the transit system, and issues with the operators. The circumstances of the accident typically define what party is at fault in most cases. However, if the conditions that caused the accident are related to the transit authority’s responsibilities, they will become a defendant.

How are Lawsuits for Metro Accidents Approached?

The transit authority must acquire emergency services for all victims. They must contact rescue services if the train crashed, and there is massive wreckage. They must lower the risk of evidence destruction during these rescue efforts whenever possible.

In Maryland, metro accidents are handled by the Maryland Transit Authority. This authority must ensure the safety of all passengers and provide assistance when an accident occurs. They must also manage compensation requirements or face litigation. Victims of Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro can contact Jaklitsch Law Group for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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