What To Discuss With An Auto Accident Attorney In Crowley, LA

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Lawyers

In Louisiana, auto accidents cause serious injuries and high auto repair costs. The cause of the accident determines if it was just an unfortunate accident or if any party is directly responsible for the victim’s injuries. Personal injury claims give victims a chance to collect compensation through the court. An Auto Accident Attorney in Crowley LA explains the victim’s rights and determines if the victim has a viable claim.

Did the Victim Commit Any Moving Violations?

The victim explains any moving violations they committed during the accident. If the defendant’s attorney has evidence of the moving violation, the victim faces the repercussions of the comparative fault ruling. The ruling reduces the monetary award according to the percentage of fault applied by the judge. Any victim who is at least 50% at fault loses any monetary awards.

The Victim’s Full Medical Expenses

The victim collects all invoices from their medical doctor showing the full cost of their medical treatment. The financial losses are the basis of the monetary awards the victim receives if they win. Their doctor must provide a projected estimate for any ongoing medical requirements.

Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

Even if the victim files an insurance claim, the court needs an estimate for their auto repair costs. Any costs that weren’t covered by the insurance claim are the responsibility of the at-fault driver. Some courts might require at least three estimates to determine a median cost for the repairs or the replacement of the vehicle.

Did the Accountable Driver Break the Law?

Criminal charges are applied if the at-fault driver was guilty of a DUI. If convicted, the criminal court requires restitution for the accident victim. In some jurisdictions, additional criminal penalties apply if the driver causes an auto accident with injuries. If a victim dies, vehicular manslaughter charges are applied.

In Louisiana, auto accidents are caused by a multitude of occurrences. DUI is a prevailing case of auto accidents with injuries or fatalities. Local traffic laws apply to the cases if either party committed a moving violation. Victims who need help from an Auto Accident Attorney in Crowley LA contact Chris Richard Attorney for more info now. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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