For Those Who Cannot Afford Pretrial Release, a Bail Bondsman in Lakeland Provides Service

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Although the reasons are not entirely clear, research shows that defendants who cannot afford to pay bail are more likely to be convicted of the allegations and to commit a crime in the future. However, it is understandable why they are more likely to accept the offer of a plea bargain since they want to get out of jail as soon as possible. A Bail Bondsman in Lakeland helps many men and women who don’t have the money for bail.

Hazards of Remaining Behind Bars

It’s also understandable why families can feel frantic about getting their loved ones out of jail when these individuals haven’t even been convicted of a crime. Not everyone makes it out of jail alive, even though these county and municipal incarceration facilities are generally less dangerous than state prisons. Some men and women commit suicide while in jail and some die of a serious health condition.

The Cost of Bail and Bond

A Bail Bondsman in Lakeland must charge a service fee to post a surety bond since this kind of organization is a business and not a charitable organization. This is a specific percentage of the cash bail set by the court. The poorest individuals in this society may not be able to pay that fee, even with help from friends and family.

Bail reform advocates lobby for the elimination of bail, or for requirements to take the defendant’s financial situation into account when setting bail. That way, even when they cannot pay cash to the court, they can afford the surety bond.

Relevant Statistics

The setting of excessive bail is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, yet many people would say that’s exactly what happens. An article published by The Nation reports that some 70 percent of jail inmates are incarcerated only because they could not afford to pay for bail or a bond. The ethics of allowing wealthier defendants out on bail or bond continues to be a subject of discussion.

Anyone who needs help with having someone released from jail may Contact Zona Long Bail Bonds to start the application process. They should be sure to ask about payment options.

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