How a Domestic Violence Attorney in Romney WV Can Help a Falsely Accused Client

by | May 16, 2017 | Attorney

According to information from the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), up to 20 people are abused by intimate partners every minute. Whether one is a victim or the accused, hiring a domestic violence attorney in Romney WV can be helpful in a variety of ways. Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in the state of West Virginia, and for the best possible outcome, hiring a lawyer is essential.

A domestic violence attorney can help a victim build a case against an abuser, and he or she can help a falsely accused person win an acquittal. If a person is wrongly accused or arrested for such an offense, hiring a lawyer is a crucial step in defending one’s freedom and reputation. Below are several ways a domestic violence lawyer can defend the falsely accused.

Cases of Mistaken Identity

When a person is charged with domestic violence, they must provide evidence that establishes that they didn’t commit the offense. It might be that the person was not on scene when the offense occurred, or they may have an alibi. When mistaken identity is at play, a lawyer can use it to get a client acquitted.


In some instances, it may be proven that the defendant was also a victim and that they acted to protect themselves and/or their children. If a defendant perceived an immediate threat and was not the primary aggressor, a lawyer’s self-defense claim can establish the client’s innocence.

Patently False Accusations

Some people, out of revenge or spite, might file a false domestic violence report. This often happens in cases of child custody or divorce, but a domestic violence attorney in Romney WV can help his or her client defend against false accusations.

Insufficient Proof

The best defenses are usually achieved by creating holes in an accuser’s argument, which can lead the prosecutor to fail to meet the burden of proof. When the state cannot meet its burden of proof, the defendant can’t be convicted of domestic violence.

West Virginia’s criminal justice system is very complex, and domestic violence cases are complicated in themselves. When a person needs professional legal representation and advocacy, they can call on the team at a local law firm. These lawyers have a long history of success with domestic violence cases, and they may be able to offer some assistance. Click here to schedule an initial appointment or to get more information.

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