DUI Attorneys In Casa Grande AZ Can Help People Avoid Incarceration

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Lawyers

Some people don’t realize just how much trouble they are after being charged with DUIs. That’s probably why some defendants don’t hire DUI Attorneys in Casa Grande AZ. Ending up in jail is a real possibility if a defendant is found guilty of a DUI, so it’s important to have legal assistance. Things can be even worse if a person shows up to court and doesn’t expect to go to jail. They might not even have made plans for having their bills paid and getting other important things done that they won’t be able to handle while being behind bars.

So, how do DUI Attorneys in Casa Grande AZ work to help their clients avoid bad consequences after being charged with DUIs? After a defendant contacts Alexander Law Offices or another law firm, lawyers will start carefully looking over the details of the case. Something like a technicality could help a person avoid a conviction. A lawyer will look at the traffic stop. Why was their client stopped? Did the arresting officer act according to the law? If there is a problem with the initial stop, a lawyer might be able to successfully argue that the case against their client should be thrown out of court.

What if the stop was valid? Well, the lawyer can look at other evidence to determine the best argument that they can make. Did their client take a breathalyzer test? If so, was the device properly calibrated? An improperly calibrated device can give inaccurate readings. Even if a client is guilty of what they are being charged with, a lawyer can work with the court to get the best possible outcome. A person might be able to retain driving privileges for work while avoiding any time behind bars. Lawyers can also help to get charges reduced. There are also programs for first-time offenders that can help people out.

Any criminal charge has to be taken seriously. DUI charges are treated very seriously by courts across the country. Some judges have very harsh opinions of those who drink and drive, so defendants really shouldn’t take any chances while fighting DUI charges.

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