Exchange Tips from a Child Custody Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Even in an ideal situation, a divorce can leave traces of hostility and resentment. Most people would be happy to never have to see the ex again, but that is impossible when children are involved. Depending on how often custody changes, contact between exes and a child custody lawyer in Carrollton, GA can be a regular event. Parents can click here for a few strategies to ensure that custody exchanges go as smoothly as possible.

Get Everyone and Everything Ready to Go

Before the other parent arrives to pick up the children, make sure everything they need is packed and ready to go. School supplies, clothing, toiletries, and everything else should be ready for the child to use at the other parent’s home. Preparedness can help a parent avoid awkward, unnecessary contact with the ex, and it can help keep things tension-free.

Exchange Custody at School

This is an effective, simple solution, and it can help parents use compulsory education to their advantage. One parent can drop the kids off at school, and the other can pick them up. This prevents forced interaction between parents, but it can be tricky as far as the school is concerned. Parents should make arrangements with school administrators for who will pick up and drop off on certain days. Schools are increasingly aware of children’s issues, and child custody disputes are at the forefront of current initiatives.

Meet in a Neutral Place

Most people will behave well in public, and parents should consider making custody exchanges in public places. Parks, restaurants, malls and coffee shops are all great choices. However, if the situation is very contentious, parents can make the exchange at a police station or visitation center.

A person may never wish to speak to or see their ex again, but that is not likely to happen if children are involved. It is possible to communicate through a child custody lawyer in Carrollton, GA, but most custody exchanges require some contact between parents. Even with harsh reality, there are ways for parents to make custody exchanges as simple and painless as possible.

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