Get Help from a Slip and Fall Accidents Attorney in Vineland NJ

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Law offices get a lot of calls from slip and fall victims. However, not every slip and fall will result in a legal victory. The truth is that no one keeps the floors clean all the time. Is it realistic to expect the same from others? Incidents involving stores are very common personal injury matters. Store injuries can be very severe. A person can slip and fall on slippery, hard floors. Believe it or not, there have been cases of dangerous store displays. In many big-box stores, many objects are hung high overhead. Examples include toilet seats, light fixtures, and tools. A head injury can cause a variety of health problems.

Victims should meet with a slip and fall accidents attorney in Vineland NJ. The Kavanagh & Kavanagh LLC offers free consultations in personal injury cases. They check all the evidence and decide whether there is a valid claim. Premises liability law is clear in these matters. Store owners invite shoppers into the store. Therefore, they have a duty to keep the space free of hazards. For instance, spills should be cleaned immediately. Likewise, hanging objects should be secured. To be liable, the attorney has to prove the owner should have known about a dangerous condition. Further, the owner failed to inspect the premises regularly. The attorney must also prove how the hazard caused the injury.

The store’s insurer will offer a defense. In fact, the most common defense is that the condition was obvious. Further, it was so obvious, anyone would have noticed it. The law places part of the burden on shoppers to look out for their own safety. Additionally, store owners are not required to constantly inspect the floors. The law allows owners to inspect the floors at certain time intervals. The slip and fall accidents attorney in Vineland NJ has a lot of legal hurdles to get over. For example, it must be proven that the client’s injury was caused by the hazard. Often, falls aggravate existing conditions like knee and back problems. It is always better for attorneys to settle slip and fall cases. They are often difficult to prove in court. Further, it may be two years before the case comes to trial.

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