Details To Discuss With A Workplace Injury Attorney In Waldorf, MD

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Personal Injury Lawyer

In Maryland, worker’s compensation insurance is required for all employers who hire more than one worker. The insurance provides coverage for any injuries sustained by workers in the workplace. The coverage pays medical expenses and provides monetary benefits until the worker can return to work. A workplace injury attorney in Waldorf MD assists injured workers who are denied monetary benefits.

Did the Worker Cause Their Injuries?

The investigation for the accident that caused the worker’s injuries must determine the worker didn’t play a role in causing the accident. A failure to follow company protocol or policies could lead to an accident. If the worker wasn’t compliant, it could affect their chances of receiving worker’s compensation.

Was the Worker Performing Job Duties?

The file a claim for worker’s compensation, the worker must be performing their job duties or be within the workplace. The laws define the workplace as any on-site area within the building where the company is responsible for the safety of workers. Off-site workplaces could include project areas for land development firms.

Is the Worker Able to Perform Light-Duty Work?

The doctor performing the medical assessment must determine if the worker requires an extensive recovery time. The type of injury he or she sustained could determine if they are capable of performing light-duty work. If they can and the employer has light-duty work available, the worker receives their normal wages while they recover and continue to work. If not, the employer’s insurance provides worker’s compensation benefits.

Were There Witnesses or Surveillance Footage?

If a legal claim is necessary to collect compensation, the attorney will determine if any witnesses saw the accident occur. If the witnesses will be asked to come to the hearing and testify. Any surveillance footage of the accident is collected to support the worker’s claim.

In Maryland, worker’s compensation insurance is available to all workers injured while working. The coverage pays for the full medical expenses for all eligible conditions. The monetary benefits equate to about eighty percent of the worker’s wages. Workers who need legal assistance from a workplace injury attorney in Waldorf MD can contact Business Name.

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