Guide to Bail Bonding in Madison, AL

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Lawyers

When loved ones are arrested, their friends and family want nothing more than to get them out of jail. But who has excess cash just lying around to post bail? That is where Bail Bonding in Madison, AL, comes in. Unless an individual has had to deal with courts and jails before, this is new territory for them. Continue reading to become familiar with the bail process and how it works.

What is Bail?

Essentially, bail is an agreement between an individual and the court. The court agrees to let the individual out of jail if they promise to show up for all of their future court dates. However, the court assigns a dollar value to an individual to entice them to return for their court dates. The court will return the bail money if a defendant returns for all of their scheduled court dates without error. However, if a defendant fails to return to court either by accident or on purpose, the assigned bail amount is considered void and will not be returned.

What is a Bail Bond?

Generally speaking, defendants and their families do not have access to unlimited funds. Posting bail, especially for serious crimes, can be extremely difficult. Families do not want their loved ones to wait in jail for months awaiting trial. The solution is a bail bonding in Madison, AL. Instead of posting the entire amount of the required bail, a bail bond can be obtained for a small percentage of the total bond amount, which will not be reimbursed after the trial. For example, if bail is set for $1,000 and the bond fee is set for 10%, then a family member can secure a bail bond for $100. The bonding agent will post the remaining amount of the bond to secure the defendant’s release from jail.

What may be Required for Bail Bonding?

Obtaining a bail bond does not need to be difficult. Other than paying the bond fee, which may not need to be paid in full up front, a cosigner for the bond may need to put of collateral for the remaining bail. Additionally, a defendant may be required to periodically check in with the bonding agent. For more information about Bail Bonding in Madison, AL, or to discuss a specific bond requirement, contact A Discount Bonding Co. Inc. or visit online.

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