Hire an Injury Lawyer in Hawaii for Help After a Car Accident

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Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of serious injury in the US with almost six million reported accidents in 2012 and 30,000 of those involved fatalities. An accident can cause financial damage that stretches far and wide, costing each person living in the US almost $900 per year. While auto accident injuries vary by person and by situation, some are fairly common. The information given here is a basic overview of the most prevalent auto accident injuries.

Back and Head Injuries
Head injuries are some of the most severe accident-related damages. A seated passenger or a driver involved in a collision can strike their head against the dashboard, the steering wheel, or a window. The impact can cause TBI (traumatic brain injury) ranging from a mild concussion to lifelong cognitive impairment. Extensive medical care is often required, as head trauma can lead to vision problems, hearing loss, and skull fractures.

Back injury is also fairly common. Spinal cord damage can cause nerve issues throughout the body, such as reduced sensation and loss of control of the extremities. More severe forms of damage can leave a victim permanently paralyzed. Herniated discs, while less severe, can still cause significant problems. Patients with this injury often experience tingling in the limbs, weakness of the muscles, and pain in the arms and legs.

Chest and Neck Trauma
The most common accident injury is sometimes referred to as whiplash. The sudden jerking movement of the neck and head can cause serious ligament and neck muscle damage. Injuries vary by case, depending on the accident’s circumstances and the victim’s health. Generalized pain is common, and some patients suffer temporary paralysis of the vocal cords after an accident.

Trauma in the chest is fairly serious, and can cause collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Those with heart trouble can go into cardiac arrest after an accident and internal bleeding can be a severe problem. Damage to the pelvis, internal organs and the abdomen can occur requiring immediate medical care.

Get Legal Help
If a person is hurt in an auto accident, they should talk to an injury lawyer in Hawaii. A local attorney can evaluate the case and advise the victim on their legal options. Anyone injured in an auto accident should visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com to consult an injury lawyer in Hawaii because they can usually recover damages from the at-fault party through a personal injury suit.

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