Reviewing the Advantages of Bankruptcy with a Repossession Lawyer in St. Louis, MO

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Lawyers

In Missouri, the mismanagement of debts could lead to the repossession process. Once this process begins, the lender takes measures to reclaim the property due to delinquent payments. Typically, repossession is possible when the borrowers become ninety days delinquent. A repossession lawyer in St. Louis, MO could help consumers avoid this process and keep their vehicle.

How Does Bankruptcy Help?
The most beneficial aspect of bankruptcy is the automatic stay initiated once the case is accepted, which stops all measures to repossess the vehicle. It prevents the lender from taking any legal action against the consumer. The duration of this stay is dependent on the full duration of the bankruptcy case. For chapter 7, the longest duration is six months, while with chapter 13 the consumer could acquire the automatic stay for up to five years.

Choosing the Right Chapter
In order to choose the right chapter of bankruptcy, the consumer should evaluate their total debts. Bankruptcy allows them to place all debts into one case as a collective. They have the option to liquidate all assets through chapter 7 and generate funds to settle their delinquent debts. Chapter 13 requires them to adhere to a payment plan created by the court.

The consumer should evaluate each option and make a decision based on what offering meets their individual needs. If they don’t possess adequate assets, chapter 13 could present a more appropriate choice since it spreads these payments out over a course of at least three years.

Following the Guidelines of the Case
All bankruptcy cases require the consumer to fulfill the provisions assigned. With chapter 7, they must provide titles or deeds for any property that is sold through the court. Chapter 13 filers must fulfill all obligations set up in their payment plan.

Missouri consumers could avoid repossession of their automobiles through bankruptcy. These cases allow them to stop all legal actions of their creditors based on the terms of their claim. They may choose a chapter that is most appropriate for their circumstances to achieve these goals. Consumers who wish to take action now should contact a repossession lawyer in St. Louis, MO by visiting today.

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