How Can a Philly Personal Injury Lawyer Help Victims?

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Lawyers

When a person becomes the victim of a personal injury, they may find it difficult to know what steps they will need to take so they can receive fair compensation. Some cases require a person to file an injury claim with an insurance company while some may require a trial. It is important an injured victim meets with a lawyer to help them better understand their options in pursuing their claim. With the help of a Philly personal injury lawyer, victims never have to fight alone.

A lawyer will first carefully review a person’s evidence so they can make a sound determination of whether or not the client has a viable claim that will hold up in court. Because the full responsibility of proving a case lies with the plaintiff, the lawyer must make sure there is ample evidence to prove the defendant caused physical or emotional damages. In addition to gathering information from the victim, the lawyer will also perform an investigation to attempt to try and find further evidence that can be used in the pursuit.

If the personal injury is one that will require a claim with an insurance company, the lawyer will work to negotiate the terms of the settlement to ensure the client receives a fair outcome. The lawyer will review any settlement offers and help advise the client on whether or not they should accept the offer. Ultimately, the decision is up to the injured party. When the insurance company is not being helpful, a lawyer can pursue a case in court.

Should a court case need to be filed, the lawyer will file a complaint in court so a trial date can be scheduled. The lawyer will work in helping choose the jury and will formulate the case to ensure it can be properly pursued. In a trial, it is up to the jury to make a final determination.

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