What Can Clients Expect From a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Santa Barbara CA

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Attorney

When a person files a lawsuit against a person or a company, they often feel the need to hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Santa Barbara CA. Although it is not a requirement for a person to be represented by a lawyer, it can be helpful in allowing a person to make sound decisions as they progress towards settlement of their claim. It is important people are aware of what they can expect from working with their lawyer so they will be properly prepared.

There are several steps involved in pursuing a lawsuit with the aid of a lawyer:

  • A civil action will be filed. This document details the claims the plaintiff has against the defendant. The plaintiff’s lawyer fills out this document and makes sure it is properly filed in court.

  • The civil action will be officially started once it has been filed in court and the defendant has been served. The plaintiff does not handle any of this part of the process since the lawyer will take over the filing and serving.

  • The defendant is typically given three weeks to respond to the complaint. The answer will give information on whether or not the defendant agrees to be at fault for the complaints, shows any evidence they may have, and states whether or not they have a complaint of their own.

  • Should the defendant refuse to respond, the court may give a default judgement that rules against the defendant.

  • Discovery takes place so all parties in the matter can share and seek information regarding the complaint.

  • In many cases, a settlement ends up being reached before the trial date. If an agreement cannot be reached, the trial will be held and a judge and jury will be the ones to decide whether or not the defendant owes the plaintiff compensation.

If you need to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation, it can help to hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Santa Barbara CA. If you are interested in hiring a lawyer, click here for more info and visit website domain. This site will help you to learn how a lawyer can help you through your lawsuit.

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