Implied Consent for a BAC Test and Contacting DUI Attorneys in Mankato MN Quickly

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Attorney

Minnesota residents who are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence will likely be asked to participate in a field test. If the officer decides they are under the influence or is still not sure, the person will be asked to submit to a BAC (blood alcohol content) test. In Minnesota, residents have already consented to do this test if they are asked. This is called “implied consent.”

Implied consent for a BAC applies as soon as a person obtains their driver’s license and for the entire time they have a valid driver’s license. If they are pulled over under suspicion of a DUI and the officer asks them to submit to BAC testing, they do have the option to say no, but they will receive automatic penalties for doing this. It is up to the person to determine if the penalties are worth saying no or if they should go ahead and take the BAC test and let their lawyer handle the case from there.

If the person decides to say no to the BAC test, it will lead to an automatic one-year revocation of their driver’s license. This is on top of any other penalties they might receive if they are convicted of a DUI. This is mandatory for anyone who refuses to take the BAC, so it is not likely their lawyer can help them regain their driver’s license before the end of the one-year period if they refuse the test.

After a person has taken the BAC test, if the results state they were over the legal limit for driving a motor vehicle, they can speak with DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN for help. They will want to contact a lawyer quickly after their arrest as the lawyer might want the person to take a different BAC test to determine if the one done by the officers was faulty or done improperly. The charges could be dropped if it is done fast enough and the lawyer can show the original BAC results were invalid.

If you have been stopped for suspicion of a DUI and are subsequently arrested, contact one of the DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN as soon as possible to get the help you need. For more information, visit now.

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