Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer if You Were Seriously Injured in a Collision with a Truck

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Over the past 20 years, the number of semi-trucks traveling the roadways of Washington State have increased significantly. For example, the number of trucks on the highway were estimated to be over 8 million in 1993. Estimates at this time put the number of semis at around 25 million. That is a jump of over 200%.

The Likelihood of a Truck Accident Has Increased

Needless to say, these types of statistics also indicate that the likelihood of a truck mishap has increased. Such an increase is why a truck accident lawyer in Washington State is often busy with these kinds of cases. Data also shows that truck accidents in Washington are 65% more likely to end in a fatality.

As commercial trucks weigh 30 times as much as passenger cars and require about 30% more of a distance to stop, these figures are significant. The impact and chances for an accident are also greater when a trailer is empty and/or traveling on a slippery surface. If the brakes are not working as they should, then a collision is often inevitable.

That is why you need to speak to a truck accident lawyer if you have been involved in this type of accident. Truck accident lawyers are specialists who are well-armed with the knowledge and expertise needed to reach a well-deserved settlement on your behalf.

Truck Accident Cases are Specialized PI Cases

A truck accident is far different than a car accident as the resulting injuries are often far more serious. Plus, a truck accident lawyer has more people or entities to identify with in respect to negligence. Not only might the truck driver be negligent, the owner of the cab may also be at fault, or the manufacturer of the truck may be guilty. As a result, these cases can become quite complicated. Such instances are why you need to see a lawyer if you or a loved one were involved in this type of event.

He or she can assist you in getting what you need financially for your personal injury truck accident claim.

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