Why It is Important to Seek Legal Advice Following a Motorcycle Accident

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Equilegal

Any type of motor vehicle accident can be devastating to the victim and their family. The injuries sustained during the incident can severely impact the victim’s life depending on the severity of the accident. While legal advice should be obtained following any type of auto accident, it is imperative to consult a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles after being injured in an incident that involves a motorcycle. While minor injuries can be sustained by a person involved in a motorcycle accident, these types of crashes can lead to life-threatening injuries. From spinal cord injuries to internal bleeding, motorcycle accidents often result in extensive hospital stays and demanding rehabilitation to help the individual get back on their feet.

Services Offered by a Law Firm

  • They can handle your accident claim while you remain focused on recovering from your injuries.
  • A motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles will know your rights and what type of compensation you are entitled to.
  • A law firm will know how to calculate your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage to help you obtain a fair judgment.
  • A lawyer will contact the witnesses to the accident, request medical records, and gather valuable evidence to help support your case.
  • They will negotiate the terms of your settlement on your behalf and prevent the risk of a mistake being made that can jeopardize your claim.

Immediately Schedule a Consultation

After an accident, the legal team or insurance agency for the at-fault party will quickly contact you. A primary reason for doing this is the agent wants to catch you at a vulnerable time. Their primary focus is to pressure you into settling for the least amount of money possible or even try to convince you to admit fault. By contacting the contacting the Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes, they will speak on your behalf and prevent aggressive lawyers or insurance agents from contacting you during a critical time.

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