Questions About Adoption Law in Illinois Answered

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Every state has its policies as it relates to adoption policy, which means the process can be unique when comparing adoptive parents from different states. It’s important that you have a family law attorney in Lake Forest who can guide you through the process without a hitch. However, you may have a few questions you want to be answered before you hire a lawyer.

Who Can Adopt?

In Illinois, anyone who is 21 or older without a legal disability can petition for adoption. Sometimes the age requirement may be waived if there is an excellent reason. Also, the person adopting must have lived in Illinois for at least six months unless the child is related or an agency is not used. If a married couple wishes to adopt, they must petition jointly.

May LGBT Individuals Adopt?

Yes. For adoption in Illinois, same-sex couples can petition for joint adoption.

What Expenses Can Be Paid?

Without pre-approval from the court, up to $1,000 can be paid to cover any pregnancy-related expenses. Anything above that amount must be approved. The fees need to be paid 120 days before the due date of the child and up to 60 days after the child is born. Documentation should be submitted within 14 days of completion to the court or agency involved.

When Be May Consent Granted to Adopt?

For the birth mother, it may be granted three days after birth. The biological father may consider before the child is born. However, the father is allowed to revoke consent up until three days after the child has been born.

When Is Consent Irrevocable?

After the birth mother signs paperwork, consent is then irrevocable. In the case of the birth father, his consent may be revoked at any point up until the child is 72 hours old.

Are Adoption Subsidies Available When Adopting a Foster Child?

In some cases, the answer is yes. Subsidies may be available for a special needs child who is at least one year old, part of a sibling group placed together if a sibling has special needs, who has a parent who receives subsidies for an additional adopted child, or who has a treatable or permanent mental, emotional, or physical disability.

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