Injuries Need The Attention Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Ottawa County

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Accident Attorney

Even if an individual thinks they are immediately following an accident, the chances they have an injury is high. After the adrenaline wears off from an accident, a victim will begin to feel aches and pains that were not previously there. Anytime an individual is injured due to the negligence of another individual; they should immediately contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County.

Medical treatment should be received for any injuries an individual receives. A victim should never wait for days or weeks to have a health concern addressed. Failure to receive medical treatment could limit a victim’s ability to receive financial compensation from the negligent party.

Types Of Accidents

Accidents can occur at any time, and in any situation. Automobile, truck, animal attacks, slip and falls, and many others can be financially compensated. Unfortunately, the days of a handshake and a promise of making things right by a negligent party are over. It’s always important for a victim to protect themselves and their financial future after an accident.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are a common type of situation that results in serious injuries. Broken bones, permanent disfigurement, and the loss of a limb are common. Brain damage or death can lead to serious financial complications for a victim or their family.

The first thing a victim should do is contact the police. The police will file a police report and record information about the accident. Obtain information from the other driver such as their driver’s license information, address, and insurance information. It’s important to write down the make, model and license plate number on the card.

What Type Of Compensation Can An Individual Receive?

A victim could receive financial compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of wages, and much more. With the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County, a victim will receive the highest amount of compensation available. They will protect a victim’s interests and rights during the settlement process.

Contact the Bleakley Law Offices P C as soon as possible after an accident. You will receive a free consultation to discuss your case. Also, a personal injury lawyer will never charge you any money out of your pocket for their legal services.

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