Why Always Consult a Criminal Attorney in Dayton OH?

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Attorney

Accidents happen to everyone. If those involved only have a few scraps and bruises then there is no need for a criminal attorney in Dayton OH, right? Drivers can exchange contact information and go about the day. It does not have to be a big deal. There are several reasons why that view of the situation can be a problem.


There is no way to tell at the scene if scrapes and bruises are the total extents of medical damage. Ligaments can be torn, hairline fractures can occur, swelling may follow shortly, and muscle spasms and pain can happen a few hours later. At that point there is no way to claim the injury is the result of that accident. No insurance information was exchanged, no police report was filed, and no medical attention was received at the scene.


There may not have been any obvious damage to either vehicle, but what will happen when ten miles down the road on the way home the tie rod breaks, the car overheats, or there is a grinding noise? The driver will be stuck paying for those repairs because there is no paper trail to prove there ever was an accident. The other driver can deny it, the insurance company will not cover any repairs, and those costs can be expensive.

Protect Yourself and Passengers

Whenever there is any type of accident or incident where some other party may be at fault, get contact and insurance information, call the police, and report the incident. As soon as that is done, seek medical attention and contact a criminal attorney in Dayton OH for a consultation. Review the events as remembered from your perspective and let the experienced attorney discuss whether there is a viable case.

It is the job of the attorney to provide guidance, ensure your rights have not been violated, and investigate the situation. If there is no case, the attorney will indicate that. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so people can find more information regarding the law and how it applies to the accident. If there are injured passengers, they will need to consult an attorney as well for their protection. Always consult an attorney instead of being complacent because the event may be far from over.

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