How Do Landlord Lawyers In Nassau County, NY Help Property Owners

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Equilegal

In New York, landlords and/or rental property owners must follow all landlord-tenant laws. The laws require the owner to define terms for the lease agreement. The owner must also avoid discriminatory practices. Landlord Lawyers Nassau County NY assist landlords who need to evict tenants or collect compensation for property damage.

Legal Claims for Property Damage

Rental property owners have the legal right to file a legal claim against tenants who cause extensive property damage. Tenants caused extensive damage and didn’t file a claim through renter’s insurance for damage are liable. An attorney helps the owner file a motion based on the total value of the property damage.

Proceeding with an Eviction Notice

Eviction laws require the landlord to provide at least thirty-days notice in writing. The landlord isn’t allowed to lock up the property if the tenant is late on their rental payments. It is also unlawful to force the tenant out before the thirty-day notice has expired. The landlord cannot seize the tenant’s property as payment for the rental payments. After the tenant has been served the final eviction notice, the landlord has the right to get law enforcement to help them remove the tenant from the property.

Creating a Binding Lease Agreement

Landlord Lawyers in Nassau County NY provide assistance for landlords who need to create a legally binding lease agreement. It is vital that the landlord list all the requirements for the tenant including rental payments and deposits. The terms of the lease dictate whether or not the property is pet-friendly. It must also outline the responsibilities of the landlord.

Lease Purchase Options

A lease purchase is a contract which allows the tenant to purchase the property by submitting rental payments. The terms require the tenant to pay timely rental payments for one year with the option to buy.

In New York, landlords and/or rental property owners must create comprehensive lease agreements. The lease must explain all requirements for the tenant including clauses that explain expenses if property damage occurs. It must explain the exact conviction process, too. Landlords who need to hire Landlord Lawyers Nassau County NY contact Business name in Nassau County NY right now.

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