Reasons to Go to Family Court

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Attorney

Family court is available to help families in need of legal advice or a legal ruling on a certain situation. While one of the most common reasons to seek family legal advice is for child custody battles in court, there are plenty of other reasons to go to family court as well.

Family lawyers are those who specialize in family-based issues, whether that involves children, marriages, or entire family units. Here are some of the reasons why you may need to pursue family court.

Child Custody and Visitation

Fighting for child custody can be the toughest part of any divorce. Often, the intervention of the law is needed to establish a fair child custody case. Children often suffer from some of the negative effects of divorce and must be counseled by a lawyer to help adults understand where the child would best feel at home.

Visitation rights are another matter best brought up in court. If one spouse does not have custody, they may fight for the establishment of visitation rights that can allow them to see their children on a consistent schedule.


Divorce often goes hand-in-hand with child custody fighting, and the court is almost always a necessity to finalize the divorce paperwork. Family lawyers will be present to help married couples through a divorce. Typically, each spouse has their family attorney, so that they can establish the best cases for defense. Some aspects of divorce include sharing custody of children, but it also involves splitting assets, establishing alimony payments, and settling financial matters.

Working with Children

There are many reasons why a family lawyer may need to speak with or advise a child. Children can become a part of the court system for reasons involving divorce, delinquency, or foster parenting. Family lawyers should be equipped to speak adequately with children to help them communicate in the best way possible.

Delinquency Issues

On the subject of delinquencies, children who are underage and causing legal issues to society may need to be consulted by a family lawyer. They cannot represent themselves, and so they require an adult to help represent their case in court.

Get the Family Support that You Need

Divorce Lawyers Chicago has a number of Highland Park family lawyers to help you through any tough situation. Whether you are trying to break off a failed marriage, or you need help negotiating custody for your underaged child, the advice and assistance of a family lawyer can be crucial to getting things done right.

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