Law Firm of Liss & Lamar PC Helps People in Chicago with Franchises

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Attorney

A franchise can put you on the road to wealth or, if you’re a franchisor, it can grow your business and brand. However, like any business venture, franchising is not without pitfalls. By consulting a franchising attorney in Chicago, you have the opportunity to receive professional counsel.

Before signing any contract for an opportunity in franchising, it’s wise to get questions answered. How much support will you get from the franchisor? After all, it’s their business model and you can benefit from their experience. You’ll also want to know how many other franchisees are in your area and how much competition you have for the same service or product.

Be sure to examine the financial disclosure document that franchisors are required by law to release. As a franchisor, you want to make sure that your documents with vendors and others will protect you if legal problems arise. An attorney can draw up documents that clearly state who is responsible for being in compliance with FTC and state regulators. When a professional with experience creates legal documents for you, your business venture has more protections.

All these matters and more require the services of Liss & Lamar PC. We have three highly capable attorneys with years of experience. Two of our experts are members of the American Bar Association’s Forum on Franchising, and the other has years of experience in diverse business issues, including technology licensing and corporate and contract law. Contact Liss & Lamar PC us when you need a franchising attorney in Chicago.

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