Learn More About Tenants’ Rights in Chicago

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Real Estate Attorney

The law sets forth specific rights for both tenants and landlords. This dictates the contracts that can be created to lease a home, the eviction process, and the steps a tenant or landlord can take for any disputes. Many tenants, however, do not understand what their rights are and can face an unlawful eviction because of their lack of knowledge. If they believe they are unlawfully evicted, or they aren’t sure if their rights are being upheld, they can contact a lawyer to discuss tenants rights in Chicago.

One of the largest problems a tenant will face is repairs done on their home when they’re living there. A landlord is required to make any necessary repairs for the safety and health of the tenant. If the roof is leaking, for example, the landlord must have it repaired to prevent health issues and damages to the tenant’s belongings. The repair must also be made in a reasonable amount of time; however, not all items need to be repaired. If the lease doesn’t specifically state the tenant has a working dishwasher in the unit, the landlord may not be responsible for repairs to the dishwasher.

Another concern for tenants is the eviction process. A landlord cannot just change the locks, shut off the water, or shut off the electricity to the home. They also cannot remove the tenant’s belongings. There is a specific legal procedure through the courts that must be taken for an eviction, and it’s often a lengthy process. They will have to give the tenant notice of intent to evict, wait a specified amount of days, and then take the steps necessary to legally evict the tenant. There isn’t any way to get around this step, and a landlord who tries to sidestep these procedures may be proceeding with an unlawful eviction.

Any tenants who are experiencing issues with their landlord can contact an attorney to learn more about the tenants rights in Chicago. They can learn how to handle the issues they may be having with repairs or how to deal with an unlawful eviction. Anyone who needs more information can contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells.

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