Reviewing Landlord and Tenant Laws in Chicago

by | May 4, 2018 | Real Estate Attorney

In Illinois, landlord and tenant laws prevent discrimination and help tenants acquire a lease that is fair and reasonable. The leases entitle tenants with access to a property for six months or one year. A local attorney can explain landlord and tenant laws in Chicago when issues arise.

Reviewing Lease Agreements

Lease agreements provide all expectations for the tenant. The documents explain what repairs the owner performs and what tasks are the tenant’s responsibility. The exact rental value is listed in the lease as well as the date at which the payments are late. The value of late charges is listed in the lease agreement, too.

Pet Policies and Laws

The state laws don’t require rental property owners to accept pets. However, the lease must define the requirements of the tenant clearly. The value of the pet deposit is listed in the lease agreement. The lease must also designate whether or not the pet is allowed inside the property and if a leash is needed while the pet is outside.

Why Renter’s Insurance Is Needed

Property owners require renter’s insurance as a term of the lease agreement. The insurance covers the cost of any damaged caused by the tenant and provides replacement funds for any personal belongings that are damaged during covered events. The property insurance won’t cover the tenant’s personal belongings or any items they bring into or onto the property.

Acts of Discrimination

A rental property owner cannot refuse to accept a tenant based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. If they do, it is an act of discrimination. The owner can restrict access to multiple family units that are designed for low-income and/or single parent families. The law allows property owners to deny approval for a lease if the applicant has a criminal background.

In Illinois, landlord and tenant laws apply to the terms of leases. The property owner must provide a safe property that is up to code. The owner must repair and maintain the property throughout the full duration of the lease. Property owners or tenants who need help under landlord and tenant laws in Chicago can contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells right now. Like us on Facebook.

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