Medical Malpractice Cases With A Personal Injury Attorney In Warrenton, PA

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Virginia, doctors must comply with a federal standard of care. This standard requires the doctor to provide the highest quality of care without compromise. They must provide a high standard of care regardless of any personal beliefs or prejudices they may have. A Personal Injury Attorney in Warrenton VA provides legal assistance for patients when doctors don’t follow this standard.

The Origin of the Error or Injury

The origin of the error or injury could be outdated testing equipment, faulty medical devices, a misdiagnosis, or the wrong medication. However, the most common injury or error is related to a surgical procedure. The origin of the identified condition is vital for determining fault and pinpointing how the doctor’s failure to provide a high standard of care.

The Role of a Medical Witness

The medical witness provides testimony based on the origin of the error or injury. This witness must have the same medical training and status as the defendant. They must have the ability to review the patient’s records and determine what should have been occurred to stop the error or injury.

Are the Injuries Reversible?

In medical malpractice cases, the case could have a different outcome if the injuries are reversible. Reversible injuries are managed by a second doctor. In these instances, the award may include the full cost of repairing the injury. If the condition isn’t reversible, it could present a more substantial award based on the patient’s total losses.

What Damages are Awarded in These Cases?

The damages provide when a patient wins could include medical costs, lost wages, and tort-based awards. The tort-based awards could include pain and suffering. However, these cases often lead to punitive damages as a punishment for the doctor. The doctor could also face the loss of their medical license.

In Virginia, doctors are required by federal laws to provide a high standard of care for all patients. This standard prevents the refusal of high-quality care based on any discriminatory issues. Patients that need to start a legal claim contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Warrenton VA or Visit our office today for more details.

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