A Personal Injury Attorney in Davie, FL Pursues Justice for Clients Who have Suffered Catastrophic Harm

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Accident Attorney

Most of the time, a personal injury Attorney in Davie FL negotiates a settlement with an insurance company. A small percentage of cases are brought to trial, particularly when the insurer disputes the case or the injury was catastrophic. The lawyer files suit against the insurer or other liable party and presents the case for the plaintiff in civil court.

Types of Serious Accidents

Catastrophic injuries are more common in certain kinds of accidents. Collisions between motorcycles and passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles are primary examples. The same is true of collisions between bicyclists and motorized vehicles or pedestrians and automobiles.

Any accident involving a large truck and a smaller vehicle has a higher risk of resulting in very serious, permanent injuries. Head-on collisions on highways at high speeds do as well, and so do accidents caused by drunk drivers. An Injury Attorney in Davie FL represents clients in all these kinds of cases or families of people who were killed.

Pursuing Justice

Attorneys with an organization such as Blaut Weiss Law Group are dedicated to pursuing justice for people dealing with these horrific situations. They understand that the clients want to resolve the case as soon as possible so they can pay outstanding bills and move on with their lives. However, being patient is key to success. For example, until the injured person reaches maximum medical improvement, it’s difficult for doctors to know whether any disability will be permanent.

Balancing Financial Goals

People often have a conflict between wanting to receive a settlement quickly and wanting to receive as much money as possible. The lawyer helps them balance these goals, understanding that the accident victim may be struggling financially because they cannot work. They might be falling behind on the mortgage or car payments.


In some cases, a person learns during consultations with law firms that the insurance company actually is offering a relatively reasonable settlement. Hiring a lawyer will not add enough value to the settlement to make legal representation worthwhile. In other instances, an attorney can generate a significantly higher amount for the victim. Browse Our Website to learn how to schedule an appointment.

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