Reviewing Information About Traffic Bonds In Valley Brook, OK

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Oklahoma, traffic violations lead to accidents with fatalities. The most severe moving violations, such as DUI is a common cause of fatalities. The moving violations lead to an arrest under certain conditions. For instance, if the blood-alcohol content reading of the driver is at least 0.08% they are guilty of a DUI. A bonding agent explains information about Traffic Bonds in Valley Brook OK.

What are Traffic Bonds?

Traffic bonds are used for more severe moving violations and are required to get the defendant out of jail. Offenses that require a traffic bond include but are not limited to fleeing the scene of an accident, reckless driving, an extensive history of speeding tickets, and DUI.

How to Secure a Traffic Bond

The criminal defendant pays a percentage of their bail to the bonding agent. The percentage doesn’t exceed 14% of the total bail. If the defendant doesn’t have the money, the bonding agent accepts certain collateral, such as real estate deeds, automobile titles, and high-valued jewelry. Some bonding agents accept high-valued financial accounts, too.

What are Common Violations of Release Terms?

Criminal defendants who are out on traffic bonds aren’t allowed to drive or operate any moving vehicles. The most severe cases lead to license suspensions and hefty fines. If the defendant is caught driving, officers arrest them on new charges, and the bond is revoked. New traffic charges extend the license suspension period and increase the time the defendant spends in jail.

The Number of Convictions

The total number of previous convictions determine if the criminal defendant is eligible for bail. Once the driving offense is classified as a felony, the driver has an extensive record of serious moving violations. If the driver is arrested immediately after receiving a bail bond, the judge can deny bail.

In Oklahoma, traffic violations can lead to an arrest and require the driver to get a bond to get out of jail. The most severe moving violations, such as reckless driving, vehicular manslaughter, and DUI require jail time. Criminal defendants who need to secure Traffic Bonds in Valley Brook OK contact Advise Bail Bonds for more information right now.

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