Questions for Personal Injury Law Attorneys in Gonzales, LA About Being Harmed by Wild Creatures on Private Property

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Equilegal

People generally understand that if they own a dog that attacks someone, they are responsible for that person’s hospitalization and treatment, which may include cosmetic surgery. What if someone is injured on a property by a creature that is not owned by the property owner? In some instances, personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA may represent clients who were harmed by stinging insects, snake bites, feral cats, or other non-domestic creatures.

When people are seriously hurt by insects, snakes or other wild creatures, property owners might be held liable if certain factors are involved.

Snakes and Premises Liability

Personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA realize they cannot expect to hold a property owner accountable for a random incident of a poisonous snake crossing the land and biting somebody. However, if the property owner is aware that poisonous snakes live on the land or are commonly seen there, the situation changes. This person has the legal responsibility to keep the property safe for anyone who visits. The concept in legal terms is known as premises liability. Even if someone walks through some rural acreage without permission and is attacked by a snake, that person will probably be able to successfully sue for the harm caused.

Stinging Insects and Premises Liability

Similarly, a restaurant owner who provides seating on a patio or deck may not be considered legally liable if a customer is stung by a bee or wasp and suffers an allergic reaction. The court would probably consider this a random event that could happen anywhere. In contrast, if the restaurant owner knew that a wasp’s nest had been built under an eave of the building, premises liability might apply.

Even if the owner did not know about the nest, the court might side with the plaintiff because the owner should have known. The owner is expected to have a firm grasp of the condition of the premises, including any developments that could be harmful to customers or employees. Anyone who needs assistance with these types of matters can contact the law firm of Pujol, Pryor & Irwin.

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