Reasons to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Lawyers

Do you have a workers’ compensation claim that is pending? Have you been injured while on your job? These are two of the most common reasons you should be considering hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. It seems workers are more willing to hire a representative if they feel threatened or if they think they are going to be fired. Job security is a big concern; it makes workers’ panic if the job is no longer feeling secure. This is just one of the circumstances when a Chicago workers compensation attorney should be hired.

If you are adverse to the decisions made by either your employer, the insurance company your employer has, or the state’s compensation division. Better yet the state’s compensation division has made a decision that your employer as decided to dispute.

There are other reasons that may have you considering hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer:

   * Insurance company denied your workers’ compensation claim
   * Your case isn’t allowing you proper medical care
   * Medical restrictions were violated due to the pressure of your employer
   * Specifically after a doctor restricted your physical labor due to an injury that was formed by a workers’ compensation case.
   * Your benefits in regards to medical care are denied.
   * If you are seriously injured by an accident related to the claim
   * If you require surgery
   * Injuries are either moderate to severe
   * If the injury permanently causes you to be unable to return to your common job
   * This also could be considered if you think you would be unable, or the doctor advises, to work at any other job
   * You already have a disability that can significantly affect how you work in addition to any injury you obtained from an accident.
   * Simply feel more assured that you would have a professional who probably has the experience of dealing with workers compensation claims already.

Everyone with a workers’ compensation claim has a right to obtain an attorney, no matter what circumstances are associated with the claim. Attorneys are beneficial because they can advocate for you. They can help you get the workers’ compensation benefits and the medical care due to you from your claim.

You may be off put because you think hiring an attorney will be too expensive. Attorneys are interested in helping you achieve all possible benefits. In the end, it can cost more not to hire an attorney then to hire one.

A Chicago workers compensation attorney at the Shea Law Group is experienced in all areas of Workers’ Compensation law. Give them a call today to be fairly represented.

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