3 Reasons Defendants Hire Bail Agents in Upper Marlboro, MD

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A number of Upper Marlboro, Maryland citizens are arrested each year and many of them are eligible to go free until their court dates if they post bail. The courts set bail amounts, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, many defendants do not have large amounts of ready cash, so they hire Bail Agents in Upper Marlboro, MD, who can also explain the situation to them, help with their paperwork, and expedite the release process. They charge clients a fraction of the bail amount.

Agents Ensure Paperwork Is Correct

Professionals like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc. are familiar with the paperwork required to arrange a prisoner’s release. These legal documents can be very detailed and difficult for the average citizen to understand. However, bond agents know exactly what is required and will typically complete papers for clients. They ensure there are no errors, since mishandled documents can mean prisoners remain jailed longer than they need to.

Bond Agents Speed Up the Release Process

Bail agents in Upper Marlboro, MD have connections in local court systems, so they know who to contact to expedite their clients’ releases. Bail bond companies often make financial arrangements over the phone, to save time and effort. They may even begin contacting the necessary authorities before seeing clients. Once they meet defendants, agents explain their legal situations and reassure them. Bail bond specialists often have long-term relationships with court personnel, which allows them to have many defendants released the day they are arrested.

Defendants Avoid Large Cash Outlays

Most clients who hire bail bond companies do not have the cash needed to secure their releases. Some have the money but want to avoid the court’s scrutiny. Judges are often suspicious when defendants can immediately produce thousands of dollars in cash. Agents charge all clients a small percentage of the bail amount, and the average fee is about 10%. Most defendants can afford that amount without going into debt or liquidating assets.

Bail bond companies are professionals who help get defendants remain free until their court dates. Agents charge defendants a percentage of the required bail amount and then work within the court system to arrange quick releases. They also ensure required paperwork is correct and submitted on time.

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