A Criminal Law Lawyer in Carbondale KS Assists Clients Charged With Alcohol-Related Offenses

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

The offense of driving under the influence of alcohol gets a great deal of attention, but many other criminal offenses are committed when someone has been drinking too much. One relatively common scenario involves a person being charged with assault and battery after getting into a fight in a bar. Domestic violence incidents often are alcohol-related. A person may be more likely to commit robbery when intoxicated because the alcohol has lowered inhibitions. A Criminal Law Lawyer in Carbondale KS represents clients who have been charged in a broad range of offenses in which alcohol was a primary factor.

If the evidence is solid and no technical mistakes were made, the defense attorney typically can work out a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. This might help the person avoid jail time and be sentenced to probation instead. However, the individual who has been charged cannot expect to use intoxication as part of the defense. Making a serious error in judgment because of excessive alcohol intake indicates two serious problems, and not just one: the tendency toward violence or other criminal behavior, and the likelihood of substance abuse.

One defense strategy could involve making sure the client begins alcohol addiction treatment of one form or another. This often makes an impression on the prosecution, especially if the individual begins treatment as soon as possible after the violent incident occurred. A plea bargain is likely to include a stipulation that the individual refrain from drinking alcohol during the period of probation. If some jail time must be served, the person will probably be released on parole at some point. The parole conditions will assuredly require the released prisoner to abstain from consuming alcohol.

A Criminal Law Lawyer in Carbondale KS puts forth every effort to see that clients charged with alcohol-related crimes maintain their freedom. This attorney would like nothing better than to see these clients turn their lives around and never commit another criminal offense. A person who has been arrested for an offense needs skilled legal representation and may contact a firm such as the Helbert & Allemang Law Offices.

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